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    Payment and Registration for the Issuance of a Nurse Practitioner Certificate

    As part of the registration procedure, you will receive instructions from the educational institution concerning payment.

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    Stroke Certificate

    The advanced stroke certificate course is part of an adult common acute module, focused on the complex pathophysiology of stroke: risk factors, complications, assessment, treatment and prevention.

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    Nursing Bachelor’s Degree Track

    Bachelor’s degree in nursing will provide you with a registration certificate for working in the field, as well as a comprehensive theoretical knowledge, and introduction to many disciplines.

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    Bachelor's Degree Studies in Nursing Combined with National-Civic Service

    National-civic service volunteers will be able to study at Tel Aviv University in the general program, for a Bachelor's degree in the Nursing Faculty, as well as for a registered nurse certificate.

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    Request a Copy of a Certificate

    Nurses who require a copy of their certificate are invited to submit requests to the Nursing Division according to the instructions below

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    Clinical Instruction Certificate

    An advanced clinical instruction certificate course is designed to provide nurses with skills and tools for individual and group training.

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    Operation Theater Certificate

    An advanced operation theater certificate course focuses on the nursing care of patients before, during and after surgery.

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    Registration and Licensure Department

    The department keeps and manages the records of the persons who are licensed to practice nursing, all the while maintaining high quality standards and collaboration with various agencies.

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    Diabetes Certificate

    The advanced course in diabetes is part of a common chronic module and focuses on epidemiology, pathophysiology, and the administrative and economic aspects of diabetes in children and adults.

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    Fertility Certificate

    The advanced course in fertility is designed to prepare nurses to the field of fertility and IVF