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Healthcare Israel promotes broad and long-standing cooperation between the Israeli Ministry of Health and partner governments, and exports the Israeli health system through tri-sectoral collaborations between government, the health system and the industry, in order to enhance the health system’s capabilities, improve it and to develop knowledge, research and infrastructure in Israel.


About Healthcare Israel

Israel Ministry of Health established Healthcare Israel in 2016 to deliver life-saving, cost-effective global healthcare innovations, technologies and expertise to the world – Government to Government (G2G).

One of the world's leading health care ecosystems

– Deloitte, Health Forward, January 14, 2020


Israel has a 90% patient satisfaction across all HMOs, top-tier rankings by international health measures, one of the lowest costs-per-patient and highest life expectancies in the world, and a world-class community and primary care system that is universal.


Healthcare Israel brings Israeli private sector healthcare leaders and public health organizations under the umbrella of government to shorten the tendering process, facilitate multi-layered partnerships, and deliver unique G2G solutions.


Our areas of expertise:

  • Digital Health
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Epidemic Control
  • Primary Care
  • Quality Measurmant
  • Rehabilitation
  • Health Cybersecurity



Our Services

Healthcare Israel exports health systems.

Healthcare Israel promotes long-standing cooperation between Israel Ministry of Health and partner governments, and boosts Israeli healthcare system exports through tri-sectoral collaborations between government, healthcare systems and the healthcare industry.

Areas of expertise:

Needs Assessments, surveys and plans
Expert Consultation on health systems and specific topics
Trainings and Workshops by experts from Israeli health ecosystem organizations
Integrative Projects including technology, policies, training and expertise
Joint R&D to deliver mutual benefits


Digital Health

Israel is a world leader in using Digital Health to reduce costs and complexity, while increasing patient service, satisfaction and outcomes. Digital Health can deliver a comprehensive, holistic modernization of healthcare using technology, regulation, innovation, information, integration and incentives.

Israel is a booming digital health hotspot

– Business Insider, April 19, 2019


Healthcare Israel offers the experience of Israel’s healthcare ecosystem, government, health organizations, academy, startups and systems to help you in your digital health transformation.

Selected Israeli Digital Health Platforms


Israel was one of the first countries in the world to digitize its medical records over 25 years ago for the whole population using the HMO’s EMRs.

Systemic Innovation

Implementing innovative solutions helps solve the many challenges of the healthcare system and to introduce new ways for the government to adopt innovative technologies within healthcare organizations.

Big Data

There are a variety of Israeli Big Data platforms that enable precision medicine, earlier detection, and disease prevention through predictive modeling that can be implemented in decision support systems.


The use of telecommunication and information technology provides remote healthcare services including consulting, treatment, surgery and education.


Israel has a national Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform that connects all health providers and enables every doctor to access each patient’s historic health data at the point of care.

Hospital Management Platform

The MOH’s Hospital Management platform includes command and control solutions that can be implemented in a single hospital level or at a network hospital level.


Emergency Preparedness

Hope for the best. 

Prepare for the worst.


What is a health emergency?

A health emergency is a mass-casualty incident (MCI) in which emergency medical resources, like personnel and equipment, are overwhelmed by the number and severity of casualties. Health emergencies can happen suddenly, change quickly, involve many casualties, and can overwhelm the capacity of almost any healthcare system.

Emergency Preparedness (EP) helps to save lives, preserve healthcare systems and meet any health emergency with confidence, expert training, a clear plan, and a path to recovery.


What is Emergency Preparedness (EP)?

Emergency Preparedness (EP) helps to save lives, preserve healthcare systems and meet any health emergency with confidence, expert training, a clear plan, and a path to recovery.

Many of the lessons that Israel has learned may be broadly applicable to preparation for mass-casualty incidents in...Other countries

- On Constant Alert: Lessons To Be Learned from Israel’s Emergency Response to Mass-Casualty Terrorism Incidents, Health Affairs

Why Israel?  We expect the unexpected.

Israel has built a world-leading, state-of-the-art healthcare system and has a long history of managing different kinds of mass-casualty incidents (MCIs).

Healthcare Israel offers comprehensive, fully tested Emergency Preparedness solutions to governments around the world. These EP solutions integrate advanced know-how and breakthrough technology, together with tools and resources created by the Israeli healthcare and life-sciences industries.


Healthcare Israel: Emergency Preparedness Offerings

• Emergency Plans & Policies
• Expert Training & Instructions
• Operational I.T. Systems
• R&D Collaboration
• Simulations, Drills & Exercises
• Technology & Devices


Primary Care

Israel: where Care is Primary.


The primary care-led HMO system developed in Israel is a great case study for many countries trying to develop a cheaper, less hospital-dominated model of care for the twenty-first century.

-In Search of the Perfect Health System, Mark Britnell.

Healthcare in Israel begins with the family doctor, community health centers, and a holistic healthcare system that puts patients first.

Israel has “one of the most progressive primary care services in the world” and the results are “low infant mortality, high life expectancy, effective chronic disease management and excellent primary care.” - In Search of the Perfect Health System, Mark Britnell.

Israel measures how well it serves patients, and publicly publishes quality measurements (outcomes), service indicators (waiting times, follow-ups), and patient satisfaction rates.



Healthcare Israel list of achievements:



• In recent years, Healthcare Israel has developed relationships with representatives from dozens of governments and various health ministries, created opportunities for Israeli health and industry organizations to promote joint projects with countries around the world.

• Won the InnoDip Award, the 1st Israeli award to honor innovation in diplomacy by the Abba Eban Institute for International Diplomacy at IDC Herzliya.

• Collaborated with the Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD) to provide Israeli digital health-cyber solutions to governments around the world.

• Consulting to and supporting The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for Digital Health projects in Latin America and Caribbean countries.

• Following the historic Avraham agreements, cooperation began in a variety of areas with the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and professional talks began between the parties.

• Provided Israeli assessments on 3 healthcare programs on 3 different continents (Africa, Asia, Europe) and in 2021 two more assessments are expected.

• 20 International agreements signed.

• Government-to-Government (G2G) relations with India, Italy, Denmark, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Zambia, Brazil, and more.



• Partnered with the Israeli Ministry of Defense to develop dozens of R&D COVID-19 Technologies.

• Dozens of webinars sharing Israel’s experience dealing with COVID-19 with governments, and hundreds of participants, from different countries like India, Poland, Romania, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and more.

• Promoted talks between Chinese and Israeli doctors and specialists to share information and experience in dealing with the COVID-19 virus.

• Bringing together 100+ Israeli MedTech companies to fight Covid-19 as part of the Israel-China Emergency Preparedness project.



• Agreement with China’s Hainan province to write a clinical feasibility study as a first step in establishing the first rehabilitation hospital in the province based on Israeli knowledge and expertise.

• Signed an implementation agreement with the mayor of Yangzhou, China in an online ceremony for the implementation of the emergency preparedness project in the city. This is a strategic project signed by the Israeli Prime Minister and Vice President of China that combines Israeli expertise, technologies and information systems in the field of emergency preparedness.

• 11 cooperation agreements between Israeli and Chinese hospitals and an agreement to expand the China Israel Emergency Preparedness project to 5 more Chinese cities.

• Produced the 3rd Israel China Health Summit in China with the participation of 20 Israeli healthcare system representatives and 15 Israeli companies.

• 100 member-hospitals in the China-Israel hospital alliance.


Healthcare Israel: in the news

Healthcare Israel: Innovation, technology, expertise to the world


HealthCare Israel - for the health and cost-cutting innovations they provide to the world


IDB blog "How Israel Delivers Healthcare Value" by Healthcare Israel - June 1, 2020



Our Team


Hagai Dror

Managing Director,
Healthcare Israel

Hagai Dror is a healthcare leader with over a decade of experience in health economics and in leading national health reforms. Hagai led the budgeting of the Israeli ministry of health, overseeing more than 8 billion USD annually and over 20,000 personnel.  He helped lead Israel’s healthcare system to a 90% patient satisfaction rate, top-tier rankings by international health measures, one of the lowest costs-per-patient in the world, and positioned Israel as a leading developer and exporter of healthcare innovation. In 2016, Hagai led Israel’s health ministry to establish Healthcare Israel – to deliver life-saving and cost-saving healthcare innovation technology and expertise to the world while developing knowledge, research and infrastructure in Israel.


Dr. Itzhak Zaidise, M.D., Ph.D., M.H.A

Physician, Chief Medical Officer,
Healthcare Israel

Dr. Zaidise is the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Healthcare Israel.  Previously Dr. Zaidise served as the Associate Director of Sheba Medical Center (SMC) and Deputy Director of Rambam Medical Center in Haifa.  He received his M.D. from Hadassah University Medical School in Jerusalem, and became a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology and in Endocrinology before earning a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Nutrition from the University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, and received a Master's degree in Health Administration from the Leon Recanati School of Business Administration at Tel Aviv University.  Dr. Zaidise is the founder and the first head of the Health Administration Graduate Program at the School of Public Health, Faculty of Welfare and Health Studies at Haifa University, Israel, where he is also a Senior Lecturer.


Itai Gordon

Chief Technology Officer,
Healthcare Israel

Through Healthcare Israel, Mr. Gordon creates affordable, efficient and high technology healthcare solutions to meet the many healthcare challenges faced by foreign governments with Israeli healthcare solutions.  In addition, Itai Gordon leads healthcare hardware and software solutions (HW & SW).  Prior to joining Healthcare Israel, Mr. Gordon worked on large-scale projects for IBM, Hewlett Packard (HP), aerospace and defense firm Elbit Systems, the Israeli Air Force (IAF), the Justice Department, as well as in the telecom, finance and water industries.  Mr. Gordon holds a Master of Science (MSC) degree from The Technion (Haifa), and has managed multibillion-dollar solutions for governments and private industries. 


Oranit Assaf

Market Access Director,
Healthcare Israel

For almost a decade, Oranit has professionalized in the private, public and social sectors, mainly in the field of health economics. Oranit held economic position at the Israeli pharmaceutical marketing company (Madison) and volunteered at the non-profit social organization-Paamonim, were she guided families for budget planning. She held different positions at the National Security Council (NSC), and at the Ministry of Health, she was coordinator and director in the Budgeting and Planning division, responsible for budgeting billions. She constructed competitive economic models for geriatric care market, built complex models for social services tenders and led the team in charge of the budgeting government-owned hospitals. Today, Oranit is the Market Access Director at Healthcare Israel, where she is in charge of legal and economic aspects of Government to Government (G2G) projects.


Amir Gilboa

Chief Digital Officer,
Healthcare Israel

Leading strategic digital health cooperation with countries and international bodies around the world. Managing collaboration projects and Government-to-Government (G2G) joint relationships to bring Israel’s E-health solutions and innovations to the world. Key projects include the National Health Information Exchange infrastructure (HIE), open-source EMR application for small clinics, national health-oriented Big-Data research platform, national B2B\B2C Telemedicine platform, and more. Amir has 15 years of experience in IT projects, including 5 years as Program Manager for two national IT healthcare programs for Israel’s Ministry of Health (National Emergency Room Program and Electronic Health Records), as well as 3 years managing complex computing projects in the field of national systems.


Sharon Gour Arie

International Account Manager,
Healthcare Israel

Sharon Gour Arie is responsible for sharing Israel healthcare innovation with the world through Healthcare Israel.  With a Master's in Business Administration, and a BA in International Relations, Sharon coordinates the international relations and communications for Healthcare Israel. Previously Sharon served as an Analyst in the National Security Council (NSC) and the prime minister is Situation Room, and was a Lieutenant in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).


Adi Beregerzon

International Account Manager (China & East Asia),
Healthcare Israel

Adi Bergerzon heads the China and East Asia practice for Healthcare Israel, focusing on Government-to-Government (G2G) healthcare projects between Israel and China, at federal, state and municipal levels. Adi is proficient in Mandarin, Chinese (reading/writing/speaking), and is experienced in navigating cultural and interpersonal subtleties within the government and business sectors in China and in Israel.  Previously, Adi managed airport security staff in Beijing, and commanded 50 soldiers as an officer in the Israeli army.  She has a BA in economics and HR management.


Eden Mizrahi

Office Manager,
Healthcare Israel

For more than a decade, Eden has managed operations and administration in the private sector and in government healthcare – including for one of Israel’s biggest Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) with 320 clinics and 150 pharmacies.  For Healthcare Israel, Eden coordinates international Government to Government (G2G) delegations in Israel and around the world, is responsible for training staff, and is the public point of contact between Healthcare Israel and its partners in the healthcare field.  Eden has a BA in accounting, and speaks three languages: English, Russian and Hebrew.


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